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Jir Project
"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

The Project...

The Jir Project Band has won steadily escalating acclaim for their multi-dimensional Blues-Rock performances and have a steady fan base through the southwest region. Their sophomore release, “Sun Child” garnered a North American Indigenous Image Award for Outstanding Blues Album. They’ve earned ovations from music devotees along their tour through the southwest and are embarking on new frontiers...


This year they are supporting “The Pueblo” album sharing stories from the place they call home which was nominated for a NM Music Award.

The Jir project approaches music with respect and cheer. The trio uses positivity and a light heart to create the blues influenced music. “The music is all about the people… we create our set from the vibe the crowd is sharing with us. We enjoy talking with our audience and putting that back into the performance. The universe wants us be happy… it really does!”

Jir Anderson

Jir combines bluesy tones without the sad stories. “I started the Jir Project to tell my stories through music. I am a Native American that grew up on the rez (Cochiti Pueblo, NM). I was the shy kid with the amp turned up loud to 10 playing a homemade guitar I made from our family dinner table.” Jir has earned some guitar prowess on the music scene and credits his bandmates with providing the musical canvas for him to create.

Gear: Jir uses Fender guitars & amps with some sweet mods, Washburn guitars, custom Warmoth necks, Semour Duncan pickups, Ernie Ball Slinky’s, and JHS Pedals,

Douglas Bellen

Doug is the bass player for the Jir Project. Saginaw Michigan is where he learned to throw rocks. Doug is a music educator and makes Bellen amplifiers and is good with all stuff music. Doug is a human encyclopedia who enjoys a good brew and comfortable conversations stage side.

Gear: Musicman Basses

Kendall Bell

Comes from New Orleans, LA and currently residing in Albuquerque, NM. Prior to teaming up with the project he served in the US Air Force. Kendall honed skills abroad during his service where he also gained a vast knowledge of beer. Ask him to give you the rundown on your drink. Kendall teaches choir at his church and is the model human.


Gear: Kendall plays a Ludwig Breakbeats kit by Questlove, Mapex Drums, Vater sticks, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Heads, Pork Pie Snar.




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